Monterey Bay Regional

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Venue Information

Built on top of a sand dune with spectacular views of Monterey Bay, Seaside High School will be the location of the inaugural FIRST Monterey Bay Regional.

Seaside High School
2200 Noche Buena Street
Seaside, CA 93955


Seaside High has numerous parking lots on its campus.  Please note that you must park on pavement and avoid parking on the sand, which may cause your vehicle to get stuck!  Besides parking at Seaside High there is also street parking along Noche Buena St. in the adjacent neighborhood.  To reduce your environmental footprint in this beautiful area, please carpool!

Download the parking map here.

Campus Map

FIRST will spread across the lovely Seaside High School campus.  We ask that you kindly exhibit Gracious Professionalism and pick up your trash so it does not blow into the marvelous Monterey Bay!

Download the campus map here.

Site Restrictions

We want you to have fun, but also stay safe.  Therefore, please mind these site restrictions for your safety and ours, and to ensure the event is fun for all.

  • Do not use skateboards or ‘hoverboards’. This is a safety concern.
  • Do not use drones. This is a safety concern.
  • Do not bring bottled gas tanks (e.g. helium). This is a safety concern.
  • Do not use noisy devices, such as floor stompers, whistles and/or air horns.
  • Do not arrange for Internet access or phone lines from venue service providers or attempt to use venue internet connections reserved for event purposes (e.g., FMS or streaming).
  • Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts or any promotional products.
  • Do not distribute any food products, such as candy, water, soft drinks or fruit.
  • Do not sell raffle tickets.
  • Do not use walkie-talkies.
  • Do not invite or bring live bands to play in the audience. This dilutes the presentation on the playing field and is too loud and confusing for the audience.
  • Do not play loud music in the Pit because it interferes with important announcements. If a team receives more than a warning or two, the power to the team Pit will be shut off and/or the music device confiscated.
  • Glitter and/or confetti are not permitted in any part of the venue. Should this policy not be followed, an appropriate charge will be assessed for the cleanup of this material.
  • Do not form “tunnels” during the Awards Ceremony. This can cause discomfort to those traveling through them and creates safety issues.
  • Do not save seats.
  • Do not wear open-toed shoes.
  • No cooking allowed inside or outside the venue: This includes, BBQ’s, Crock pots, or Hot plates.