FIRST is fueled by volunteers!

For 30 years, FIRST® volunteers have fueled the mission by inspiring millions of young people to reach for the stars. You are part of a global support system we’ve built for students who need a spark of curiosity and encouragement to launch their dreams. Together, we’re inspiring the next generation of innovators, technology leaders, and change-makers here on Earth – and beyond.

Sign Up Now!

To apply to be a volunteer, create a FIRST Account or log in to your FIRST Dashboard. After signing in, click “Volunteer Registration” to get started. You will be able to create an account and if you are an adult, submit a required background screening.

Volunteer at the Monterey Bay Regional

Log in to your FIRST Dashboard and then click here to be taken to the regional event page or follow the directions below to search for the event.

  • From Dashboard, select “Volunteer Registration” -> “Event Volunteering”
  • Select Program – FRC
  • Select Country – United States, and State – California, and “Apply Filters”
  • Select Event – Monterey Bay Regional
  • Volunteer to apply for a role!

Upon completion of your volunteer application, Volunteer Coordinators will be able to view your profile for staffing purposes. Volunteer Coordinators will send you a confirmation by email as to which position(s) you are assigned at an event with days and time details.

  • If you have NOT received an assignment confirmation for an event, you are NOT assigned yet.
  • Key Volunteers will receive FIRST online training and/or conference calls prior to the events.
  • Volunteers receive safety information, and on-site orientation and/or training prior to the event.